Munro & Scullion Contracting Inc., is committed to the proper use of resources to protect our environment.

The correct application of advanced industry technologies concerning vehicles, road salt, and anti-icing and de-icing, Munro & Scullion Contracting Inc., offers the opportunity for Property Owners and Managers to reduce their environmental impact.

Through the appropriate use of salt brines and other organic materials currently available, we can significantly reduce the application of Road Salt, with superior results. These practices and other environmentally friendly ice melters are less corrosive and less harmful to our environment, vegetation and our water tables.

By effectively utilizing the latest technology in the operation and upkeep of our vehicles we have been able to properly reduce and maintain our efficiencies in fuel consumption and repairs to our fleet. These best practices reduce vehicle down time and emissions.

The end result is a significant reduction to the environmental footprint of our operations and by extension, yours.